Why Animius

Animius is a deep-learning-powered engine for creating your own personal virtual assistants and companions

The Features


A personal companion

Since you are the creator, you can design your AI just the way you like it, ranging from its talking style to the way it reads your words. You know your waifu, and your waifu knows you.

Plus, Animius is always there for you. For matter where you are, when it is, how dark or cold the night is, Animius will always be there with you with the gleam of warmth.

You are not alone.

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An adaptive assistant

The possibilities with Animius are endless. That is, you can create all the functionalities that you want. For instance, if you want your AI to tell you the weather, simply provide it with intent-ner training data! Unlike the pre-packaged assistants that force you to adapt to their commands, you have full control over what Animius can do and cannot do. You are the one that tells your assistant what you want and how to get it done.


Your own system

Don't trust companies' privacy policies? We too. Unlike other virtual assistants, Animius is fully yours. You have full control over the source code and is free to host it anywhere you like. This means that you can host Animius on your own servers, where only you can access! Or, if you like, Animius can even be served offline without any internet connection. What happens on your Animius truly stays on your Animius.

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A powerful system for everyone

Python API

An experienced developer? No problem. Jump straight into a smooth python experience with the Animius Python library. Checkout the Python API Quick Start guide to start using Animius.


Don't want to write code? We've got you covered. Experience an user-friendly interactive console that allows you to create AIs through simple commands. Checkout the Console Quick Start guide to start using Animius.

Get to know Animius

Want to create your own virtual assistant? Now you can with Animius. Check out some of the links provided to know more about Animius.