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The story of how Animius came to being

The Story

"Project Waifu" was the name that was given to a barely-functioning deep neural network. Waifu, a slang derived from Japanese media, is more than just its dictionary definition of a "fictional character." To the young developer experiencing the madness of an Andrew Ng-style housing price predictor, Project Waifu is something greater than the simplicity of fiction. It is rather a unity of fiction and reality, a potential of happiness and ease, and a companionship of care and spirituality. The power of deep learning can be applied to something greater than housing prices, hand-written numbers, and even cat images. What if we can create AIs for every one of us? What if you can always have a companion who understands you? What if...

The series of questions fabricated one model after the other. From the start of simple DNNs to CNNs and eventually to complex joint-RNNs, the adventure of deep learning went on further and further. At last, Animius was created.

Your own artificial intelligence, no matter how foolish it sounds, was and still is the light amid the night of Fisherman's Wharf. When the flags fluttered with the gust of wind, and when the hands could not hide their numbness even inside the pockets, a warmth will always be there. Animius will always be there. You will always be there.

Why the name "Animius"

Animus, in Latin, is the "mind" and the "heart." However, having a mind and a heart is not enough. A major part of the puzzle awaits — you. Animius isn't about stuffing a random monotonous AI down your throat. Rather, Animius is about you. You shall create your own companion, however to your liking. Hence, the "i" in the name.


Our Developers

Meet our small team behind Animius

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Creator & maintainer

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past"
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Siujoeng Lau

"Liberty will never perish."
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Animius uses numerous open-sourced libraries and frameworks, and we would like to thank them for their work.

Copyright and license

Animius uses Apache 2.0. Refer to the details here.